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I've dedicated my career...

“I’ve dedicated my career to understanding and researching natural integrative medicine. After reviewing the ingredients in Coldkicker ®, it's an extermely well-rounded formula. A great overall immune supplement, with potent dosages and precise ingredient standardizations.”

Dr. Shawn Martin / Phoenix, AZ

My patients are always...

“My patients are always asking for natural remedies to common ailments. As with any supplement, there is no guarantee it’ll help everyone, but Coldkicker® ’s herbal and vitamin complex is a great non-medicated first line of defense.”

Dr. Marry Clark / New York, NY

As a physician...

“As a physician, I’m exposed to sick people all day. I personally take Coldkicker® because I’ve done my homework, I know what’s out there, and there is nothing quite like it. The inclusion of anti-viral and immune stimulating ingredients make it a balance tonic.”

Dr. Blair Reed / Palo Alto, CA

As a mother of twins...

“As a mother of twins, I’m constantly going and sleep is…nonexistent? I really can’t afford to get sick. Coldkicker® was the perfect supplement to add to my daily routine!”

Tammy Samfield / Chicago, IL

I hate taking medication...

“I hate taking medication when I get sick, I just feel groggy and unproductive. I took Coldkicker® during dead week before finals as I could tell I was getting run down, I didn’t notice any drawbacks, I felt energetic and was good to go for my exams. Fingers crossed I aced ‘em! ”

Ashley Gale Freedman / Freshman, Oregon University

I'm honestly a bit of a germaphobe...

“I’m honestly a bit of a germaphobe. I travel all the time for work. I’m constantly on crowded planes, meeting new people and clients. I’ve been taking Coldkicker® because I can’t afford not to.”

Jamie Lu / San Antonio, Texas
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