About Us - Coldkicker®

Our Story

Coldkicker was founded by Sharaf Boldt. After suffering through a particularly severe cold season, contracting several colds and taking over-the-counter cough/cold drug medicines that didn’t work, he decided that there had to be a more effective solution.  He purchased the book The Herbal Drug Store and found a wealth of information on natural medicine.  Herbal medicine is tremendously powerful, clinically proven, yet often overlooked.  He contacted the book’s author, Dr. Linda White, a Stanford graduate, medical doctor, and professor of botanical pharmacology.  After some persistence, she agreed to take on the project to help formulate a powerful dietary supplement using the most efficacious ingredients based on the latest research.  The result is the most powerful natural cold/flu supplement currently available! 

The Company

Coldkicker® is owned and operated by Nature’s MD Inc (“Nature’s MD” or “NMD”).  Nature’s MD is a health and wellness company dedicated to developing superior natural dietary supplements.  Our staff of medical doctor advisors have a focus on naturopathic medicine and are experts in botanical pharmacology.  They’ve dedicated their work to understanding integrative medicine and how to harness the potency of stimulating compounds found in nature.  Our products are carefully crafted based on scientific validation; each ingredient is chosen based on strict standardization to the active compound within that ingredient.  The company’s goal is to bridge nature and science to produce powerful, validated, drug-free, over-the-counter (“OTC”) medicines.


Nature’s MD products are manufactured in a state of the art GMP (“Good Manufacturing Practices”) certified and FDA-approved manufacturing facility.  We’ve sourced only the highest quality ingredients and thoroughly vet and test all raw ingredients prior to and after manufacturing to ensure accuracy and potency.


Nature’s MD has designed Coldkicker® to be the most potent natural immune support supplement available.  It’s a powerful blend of twenty-two distinct herbs, vitamins, and minerals.  Please see our home page for a complete list of ingredients found in Coldkicker and the reason for their inclusion.  We encourage you to do your homework on these ingredients, you will not find another product like Coldkicker® on the market.  So, you noticed garlic is in our formula, huh? Don’t worry, Coldkicker® tablets are odorless, flavor-less and easy to swallow!

Remembering Dr. White

Dr. Linda White was a leading expert in botanical pharmacology. She championed natural health and integrative medicine for her entire career. She has left an indelible mark on the industry through her work as a professor, national spokesperson and published author. We would encourage anyone interested in learning more natural healing to read one of her books: The Herbal Drug StoreKids, Herbs and Health, 500 Time Tested Home Remedies, National Geographic Guide to Natural Home Remedies, or National Geographic Guide to Medicinal Herbs. Thank you Dr. White.


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